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Milky Way Above a Sea of Clouds (by a galaxy far, far away…)

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amazing long-exposure pix of star trails from the ISS.


Absolutely striking photography of star trails taken from the International Space Station as it orbits Earth at 17,000 mph. See full set here.


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Check out our guide to catching stars with your camera!

We cover what you need and how to get the best star photos out of what you have.

How to Shoot Star Trails & Out of This World Night Sky Photos

Great astrophotography tutorial by photojojo

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Don Pettit, a NASA astronaut, has one-upped us all. 

He shot a series of 30 second exposures and stacked them make this amazing photo.

Star trails from space are so much cooler than star trails from Earth, in part because the city lights on Earth make trails, too! 

Star Trails Shot from Space

The blue flashes at the bottom are lightning flashes.

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Alan Friedman takes picture of the sun with an alpha hydrogen filter capturing a small portion of visible light, inverting it to show it’s amazing texture

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Masahiro Miyasaka

Masahiro Miyasaka is a photographer from Suwa, Nagano in Japan. He has won several awards including one from Galilean Nights for his milkyway waterfall (below).

Masahiro doesn’t believe in large amounts of post processing, shifting focus during a shot to properly capture the stars and the foreground. Most of his shots include precise details of how the image was captured.

Find his flickr here, follow him and prepare to be impressed.

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Today in Pretty Space Pics: Stellar Birth and Death Captured in the Same Image

The cosmic fireworks above capture both stellar birth and stellar death in one sweeping view. With eyes pointed at nebula NGC 3582, part of a larger star factory here in the Milky Way, the Wide Field Imager at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile managed to capture a nebula shaped by supernova glowing with the intense light of baby stars.

Read more.

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Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Image: NASA/JPL/CICLOPS

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